Guide for spiritual activists

One time the Buddha told a king, “You should be just, you should be fair, and you should be generous.” But the king forgot to be generous and so people started going hungry and they started stealing. Then the Buddha said to the king, “The point is not to start making laws against theft. The point is to look at why people are hungry.”

So that is the prompt: Look deeper. Look at all the causes and conditions. But that kind of assessment is so rarely applied in this country. – Sharon Salzberg, excerpt from Lionsroar interview


Shared Responsibility Starts with Personal Responsibility

Please give me feedback! This is an idea I’m interested in understanding more deeply. Let me know if my take on it is crazy or not. Thanks!


Kristin von Donop,  Principal
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Matt faces a dilemma.  His company is performing well, but Matt feels like the time for change is now.   His business unit has been successful over the last thirty years by developing bespoke products, but his peers feel that a drastic change would be too risky. They argue that the most important focus is to deliver their existing commitments to the business.  They think the time to change will arrive at some point in the future. Meanwhile, Matt wants to lower cost and improve control through standardization of their products.   With globally consistent products, the regional teams could translate the global strategy into regional imperatives more quickly and share knowledge faster across the regions. When Matt worked for Amazon in in 2009, it was a turning point in Amazon’s history–Jeff Bezos galvanized employees with the idea that, “the book has had a…

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The Rise of Executive Feminism

The Rise of Executive Feminism

Williams and Dempsey propose we are “in the midst of a powerful new feminist movement…and the backlash has already begun”.  Are we on a new frontier of feminism?

Over the last two years I’ve asked myself and the executives I work with:  What is needed to create environments where all people feel included and valued?

Take a look at Williams’ and Dempsey’s blog…what do you think?

The Scarecrow

A lovely example of great storytelling. I am also glad to learn that this company is not owned by McDonalds.  When they first opened a friend cautioned me “don’t eat there, it is owned by them”.  Alas, he was misinformed.


You only have to be courageous for twenty seconds.

Stop. Notice. Decide to do something.

How will you engage, move towards or away from the question and the people?

The courageous act is to decide and do something.

To do nothing is a decision but I don’t think it is an act of courage.

“You can’t be neutral on a moving train” – Noam Chomsky